The Fall of Immunity and the Rise of Sickness

WARNING: This article contains some harsh realities, but we are not without hope.   

Too many are getting sick already this winter. The rise of influenza and the common cold and now the stomach virus that lasts days instead of 24 hours is happening beyond “normal!” 

The antibiotics are losing their potency against the very strong superbugs that are overtaking our population and hospitals. They have already begun to destroy our microbiome, which protects us from disease and sickness.  

Now for some hope – what can we do about all of this?  We can take some responsibility and action to strengthen our immunity.  Immunity is an innate function of the body.  Some of the problems that compromise our natural immunity are stress, lack of sleep, poor hygiene, lack of exercise and poor eating habits and choices. Consider this: so many “foods” that we humans consume actually break down and destroy our gut and immune system. Most of the time, what is happening in the gut is well under way before you become physically sick.  The signs that you are unhealthy begin with poor digestion, poor sleep and lack of energy.  Poor mental focus and memory as well as chronic pain and inflammation are also signs of a damaged gut. 

 If we continue to abuse our gut by eating foods that damage its lining, we will continue to become a sick society, falling prey to needing more and more medications and relying on the Big Pharma industry.  We are 4.4 percent of the world population but we use 52 percent of the drugs in the world.  These drugs further damage our bodies and we continue to form diseases that rob us of our quality of life and life itself. 

Though I would add that these equal rulers need willing subjects as well, as Jack LaLanne once said, “Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen. Put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom.”