Deep Bone Nourishment
Photo by Miriam Witzl

Learning to live well in a strong body has been Ashby Underwood’s livelihood.  She is a mother, wife, activist, writer, kitchen witch, and owner of Yoga Highlands.  Over her many years as a yogi and Rolf Method of Structural Integration practitioner she has learned that there is far more beauty in strength than outward appearances. 

 She understands that many of her clients get into yoga to heal their body image, which it does.  However, there is a cumulative effect from generation after generation of eating processed foods that results in disease.

“I made a discovery,” Ashby says. “Vegetarianism wasn’t working for me, at least the way I was practicing it.  At the same time, my family in Virginia was implementing holistic management on the farm.  I began learning about nutrient-dense foods and began to add meat from their farm back into my diet.  This has turned into a journey of being stronger and living more sustainably.” 

Jumping on any bandwagon is not necessarily healthy, so Underwood finds herself looking to the past for the answers, rather than the future.  Most good foods take time for us to prepare, and sourcing food from sustainable farming helps build community relationships, which nourish us as well.

Her recipe is for Bone Broth.  Why is this important to her?  

She says, “The benefits of broth are numerous and can assist symptoms of gut dysbiosis:  factors that heal the lining of the gut.  Bone broth also provides healthy collagen for bones, tendons, connective tissue, and supple lifted skin.”


Ashby Underwood’s Bone Broth


1 Whole Chicken

2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar




1. Roast chicken, remove meat and reserve.

2. Take remaining bones and place in slow-cooker and cover with water.

3. Add 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar.

4. Set temperature to Low, and cook for 24-48 hours.

(Note: The same may be done on a stove top.)

5. When bones are soft, strain broth into glass container.  Serve along with salt and pepper.  You may also add sautéed vegetables and reserved meat for a delicious chicken soup.

TIP: Do not re-boil the broth to preserve the gelatin quality of
 the broth!