Changing the Lives of Horses at Carpe Diem Farms

As we begin the 26th year of the foundation and the 21st year of the farm, I have decided to write a series of articles. Over the next several months I’ll tie together what we do, how, why and the significance each horse plays in our overall experiential educational programs and the life of Easy’s Slipper.

 The backbone of our existence is our herd. Nine magnificent horses, ranging in age from 11 to 30. Sweet Pea, a 23-year-old Quarter Horse is the last of our original herd. She is the daughter of Fast ‘n Easy for whom Easy’s Slipper is named. She arrived here as a two-year-old. Like her mother, she has terrible flat feet (a breed and breeding issue) and requires shoeing to keep her soles off the ground so not to stone bruise, abscess and go lame. She was a tremendous asset; every little girls’ pick at camps and after school programs. She loved her work and the attention.

Once Easy’s Slipper was born, she became its poster girl. Because of abscesses her coffin bone remodeled. “No hoof, no horse,” would be Sweet Pea if not for Easy’s Slippers. She actually has a special set of slippers rightfully called Sweet Pea (short and long). They have a huge rocker which allows her to find her comfort spot. She rocks back and forth at liberty and stays sound and able to work in the arena with some special little girls at the walk-trot. A win-win for her.

Recently, while giving a presentation at a Vet Clinic in Mocksville, North Carolina, for 30 farriers, veterinarians and interested owners, Dr. Jim Meeker presented us with a horse who had a Grade 4 (5 is worst) lameness with navicular disease. Without ever having tried it before, we put SP Longs on Webster. His pain was miraculously eliminated and he presented sound even at the trot! His before and after x-rays were remarkable. Since Webster, the SP slippers have been used on three more horses with remarkable results. The horses of CDF are changing the lives of horses!

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