Burst of Activity

Like the crocuses popping up all over the valley, Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library emerges from an unpredictable winter with a burst of activity. 

Every Thursday at 3:45 P.M., the library hosts a free Oscar-nominated movie, complete with popcorn and bottled water. This month offers “The Walk,” rated PG, on March 3. It’ll be followed by “Sicario, rated R, on the 10th. The PG-13 rated “Freehold” is offered on March 17, with “Black Mass,” rated R, following on March 24. “Suffragette,” which is rated PG-13, will be screened on March 31.

For kids, there’s Lego Club at 3:45 P.M. Tuesday, March 8. This is a terrific chance for boys and girls to get busy with the latest designs or to let their imaginations run wild. Children can bring their own Legos, but the library has buckets and buckets for everyone’s use. 

Youth coordinator Melanie Golden offers Crafternoon at 3:45 P.M. Tuesday, March 22. She’ll shepherd children in the creation of a magical piece of imagination that’ll be displayed with pride in their homes or the homes of their grandparents. Mah Jong is held from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. Wednesdays. New players are always welcome. 

Also, if you have questions about your laptop or tablet or e-reader, the staff can help you with basic concerns. Bring your device in and they’ll see if they can make sense of whatever’s going on.  And finally, while we’re talking about these devices, it’s helpful to know that the library maintains a 24-hour wireless signal, which means if you need to get on the internet in the middle of the night, you can sit in your car in the parking lot or in the courtyard garden and surf away. Skyping by starlight – sounds romantic doesn’t it?