Bring It To Light, Gray Lighting & Woodwork

Gordon and Judy Gray of Gray Lighting & Woodwork in Cashiers NC

Master craftsman Gordon Gray and his gifted wife, Judy, are lighting up Western North Carolina with Gray Lighting & Woodwork, Cashiers’ one-of-a-kind lighting, furnishings with character, and illumination store at the Commons.

The Grays believe anything is fair game for a lighting fixture.  Do you have a stunning piece of driftwood that you can’t part with?  Let Gordon make it a functional chandelier.  How about an antique coffee grinder?  Wire it, shade it, and it will adorn your dining area.  There’re dozens of lamp-ortunities: your grandmother’s heirloom vase, an architectural or archaeological find, an old bourbon bottle, or local pottery.  Any of these treasures can be wired into a conversation-piece lamp unlike any other …anywhere.  And the perfect matching shade or globe awaits your selection at Gray’s.

Don’t want anything custom?  Then choose from a wide selection of handmade lamps, fixtures, candles, or picked pieces from all over the south.

If you are in the market for more than a lamp, let Gordon introduce you to his furniture fabrications, crafted from ethically-sourced, locally-grown, and often repurposed timbers.  Like their custom lamps, the Grays take pride in producing unique furniture, adorned with Nature’s live edges, organic shapes, and artful imperfections.  Gordon is your go-to craftsman for any and all customized creations.

Judy specializes in DIY surface treatments.  From rustic to elegant to shabby chic, her furniture-flips are fabulous.  Maybe you’d like to DIY something yourself.  Stay tuned for her class schedule starting in May.

If you welcome illumination, the Grays can provide it, from personal, customized fixtures to a large candle selection to reflections of all that lovely light in an array of magical mirrors.  Add to that lampshades and other distinctive accents at moderate prices and you’ll be happy to let the Grays bathe your household in warm,
welcoming radiance.

Visit Gray Lighting & Woodwork at 37 Commons Drive, 107 North in Cashiers. For information, call (828) 743-3313, email; or visit graylightingcashiers on Facebook. Hours are 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Saturday.