Bone Health - Things to Know!

Have you noticed that bone density problems have increased over the past 20 years?  

Well, this has not gone unnoticed by chiropractors as we deal with bones day in and day out. Bone health is essential to overall health and aging well. Good bone density used to be the norm, but that’s no longer the case. More and more diagnoses for osteopenia and osteoporosis are popping up and that’s not just from normal aging. 

An important necessity in bone health is the mineral, calcium. This very important factor in heart and muscle function also acts as the main acid buffer in the body. Because of our generally acidic diets which are also low in healthy nutrients, our internal environment tends to be more acidic with a low pH. 

Our bones are highly metabolic, always building bone and removing bone. This is called bone remodeling. The body needs to maintain a more neutral pH (between 6.5 - 7.5) and our bodies often rely on our bones to provide the calcium needed to buffer the increased acidity in the body. When the body takes more calcium from the bones than bone remodeling produces on a normal day, the bone density is compromised, leading to osteopenia and, even worse, osteoporosis. 

The best way to prevent this from happening is to pay attention to how we live and what we eat. The best source of calcium is from the foods that we consume. Most importantly, make sure the source of your calcium is from whole foods and not processed “food” or food that is full of added chemicals.  If you choose a calcium supplement, be sure it is a very high-quality neutraceutical. The trend in our society towards higher acidity is not healthy and not supportive of good health and aging. If you want to live a healthy and vibrant life, it’s time to eat naturally grown, real food and get away from the manufactured, empty “food” that is so prevalent. 

Keep your bones healthy and they will support you for a long time to come!