A Band Re-born, Dusty Rose in Cashiers NC

Carly Thompson and Seth Shuler

Carly Thompson is 12 kinds of excited.  And when a girl’s excitement meter hits Twelve, it’s time to throw her head back, open her mouth wide, and sing her rock-a-billy heart out.   

That’s exactly what she does every Saturday 11:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. at Adair Brothers Smokehouse in Cashiers where she waitresses.  In fact, she owes her group, Dusty Rose’s musical comeback to her boss, Scott Adair.  She was busy mopping one night.  Thinking no one was around, she serenaded the empty restaurant with a mountain gal melody warbled into a mop handle mic.

The next morning Adair said, “I heard you singing last night.  You’re good.  Do you have a band?”

In fact, she did have a band, albeit a decade prior.  So she called her high school guitarist buddy, Seth Shuler, and asked if he wanted to revive their duo.  Sadly, he’d been injured.  His wife was now supporting the family, and he needed an occupation.  Timing was perfect.  A band was re-born.

The pink guitar the duo purchased in high school inspired the original name, Pink Slip, which transformed into Dusty Rose.  Seth dusted off Pink and started putting her and him through their paces.

“We started practicing and we got back into our old songs,” Carly says.  “We’d written a lot of tunes, original music from us and Seth’s dad…ballads about bootleggers and outlaws.  Our sound’s an old-timey country feel, mixed with classic rock, folk, and gospel.  We try to cater to everyone’s taste.”

Growing up with country music, living in the mountains with a down-home, next-door-neighbor kind of vibe, it’s easy to see why she wants people to feel like they are at a backyard barbecue where they can kick-back, sip on something ice-cold, and dig the Dusty Rose sound.

Check out Dusty Rose at these links:  www.facebook.com/DustyRoseBandNC/; www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyJFB8j7sR8&feature=youtu.be; www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk6CzcDUioQ&feature=youtu.be; www.soundcloud.com/carly-thompson-37202292