Academy and Globe Nominees at Highlands Playhouse

January is here and a new year dawns on the Plateau.  The holidays are behind us and spring is still a long ways off.  Thankfully, the next few months do offer some entertainment opportunities.  

 As the award show season kicks off with the Golden Globes ceremony on January 7, the Playhouse will do its part to make sure you have a chance to get caught up on all of the front-runners.  Our Second Annual Award Series will run throughout the months of January, February, and March, as the Playhouse offers films that are in the running for either an Academy Award or a Golden Globe.  Thus far we have already hosted the celebrated films “Dunkirk,” “Maudie,” “Wonder Woman,” “The Big Sick,” “Battle of the Sexes,” and the crowd favorite – “Victoria & Abdul.”  Other frontrunners that we have our eye on include “The Shape of Water” (featuring Sally Hawkins from “Maudie”), “I, Tonya,” “Darkest Hour,” and “Phantom Thread.”  The quirky indie favorite “Ladybird” has created quite a stir of late, as has the locally-filmed “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” which was shot in Sylva. 

As always we don’t know the order of the titles, keep your eye on our website at, which features a new layout, improved functionality, and more info than ever, all on a platform that plays much nicer with a variety of mobile devices.  While you’re there, consider visiting our “Support” tab, as we are in the midst of our annual donation drive and your contribution can make a real difference in our efforts to keep the Highlands Playhouse active for years to come.  We are proud to be your local Highlands theater and are happy to be bringing films of this renown to our dedicated local audience.