Sapphire Valley’s Annual Outhouse Race

When you have to go, go downhill – it’s Sapphire Valley’s annual Outhouse Race, set for Saturday, February 17. For information, visit

Old Edwards' We Love Locals Promotion

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa and Half Mile Farm honors its neighbors with its unique We Love Locals promotion throughout the winter season. Visit for more information.

Victuals & Rituals

The Old Edwards Inn and Spa brings an exquisite wine dinner, down-home victuals, the musings of authors Ronni Lundy and Sharyn McCrumb, and the irresistible sounds of The SteelDrivers. For more information, call (828) 787-2635.

Keeping Track

A marvelously detailed train layout is the perfect escape.

As Winter Unveils The Land

Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust curates a collection of precious wild places scattered throughout the Plateau.


Ask anyone who lives on the Plateau and they’ll eagerly tell you why all four seasons are glorious! Winter views, spring wildflowers, summer hikes and waterfalls, and autumn leaves. There is something here that speaks to the heart of the nature lover all year long. Wiinter activities take on a magical quality. Spring and summer months bring bounteous blooms. Apples, glowing leaves, and craft fairs are here during autumn. Search below for seasonal favorites.

Seasons Results

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