Bobby Grace Putters

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Bobby's is an authentic American success story that began when he was a teenager in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Bobby Grace Putters
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Taking up golf at a very young age, Bobby quickly became a champion junior golfer, winning many titles and even competing in the US Amateur and the British Amateur. He soon realized that his fascination with the game extended beyond participating as a player to its history, with a particular focus on the classic game-changing clubs.

He developed an eye for rare clubs and over time his personal collection evolved into a full-blown business whose clientele included many Touring Pro’s who, like Bobby, loved the legacy of the game.

As his "classic club" business flourished, Bobby started to tinker with club design using the insights he had gained from studying the all-time great golf clubs.

By 1992 Bobby had recruited a local manufacturing team and was producing “prototype” putters that he introduced to a select audience. In August 1994, Bobby had the opportunity to show one of his “prototype” putters to Nick Price – who was soon to become the Number One player in the world.