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Cover Artist Vivian Jendzio

Vivian Jendzio brilliantly blurs the line between drawing and painting, fusing charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel, watercolor and acrylic into her own dynamic style. In her work the physical, emotional and spiritual merge. Images move, advancing, receding, shifting side to side, creating a layered tension that makes surfaces come alive.

Her background in both physical education and fine art translates into a kinetic approach to art. Imagine choreographing a dance: a rush across space, a fluid turn, an embrace, a tumble, a yield to another, a push away, and a final flurry of passion as the dancers surrender to each other. That is the kind of physicality Jendzio brings to her artwork…  a rush of feelings built upon layers and layers of sketches, gestural drawings, figurative work, observation, movement… the sheer physical work. These layers flow across her surfaces, then unite as the natural world surrenders to the emotional.

While part of her work’s appeal is its spontaneity and immediacy, it is built upon scores of preparatory sketches. She will clip a huge piece of paper to a wall and begin creating. She works intuitively. There is a communion between her, her materials, and her animal images… each member of the trio contributing to the artistic dialogue. She might spend days creating a painting’s elements. Then she begins building layer upon layer until finally the components congeal. She says, “After intense anatomical drawings, studies of light on form, the pieces are ready to begin. Each layer must be completely dry before the series of glazing and impasto can be applied. The work becomes intense and autonomic. Because of the in-depth analysis of the subjects, the pieces are depicted with complete feeling and emotion.”

When asked what lights her creative fires, she replies, “Nature’s internal powers have become the source of inspiration for my paintings. They reflect weight and balance, power and release, synchronization and contraposition.  Many paintings utilize opposition through use of color, split planes, and visual fields. It is through these visual forces that the dynamics and the internalization of energy, life, and the reverence for it are revealed.”

Jendzio’s artwork has won numerous awards. She has exhibited in many prestigious shows and galleries. Her pieces are highly sought after for collections both private and corporate.

To see more of her work visit John Collette Fine Art Gallery at 381 Main Street in Highlands or in Cashiers at 104 Hwy 107 South. They can be reached by calling (828) 743-7977  or (828) 526-0339 or visit the gallery online at www.johncollettefineart.com.

by Donna Rhodes