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Sallie’s Greatest at The Hen House

Stop The Hen House by Saturday November 12th to meet Sallie and sample her delicious jams.

The Hen House invites you to a “Southern Drop In.” As part of Highlands’ Culinary Weekend, Sallie Dent Porth will be at the Hen House offering samples of her famous Sallie’s Greatest Jams. On Saturday, November 12th from 10:00 am. to 4:00 p.m., “Drop In” the Hen House to discover for yourself why Garden and Gun magazine named Sallie’s delectable creations as a ‘Made in the South’ award winner.

“In 2004, I returned to my roots and found myself living in the middle of a huge field with a garden-loving husband in my hometown of Cameron, SC, where farming is a mainstay. One perk of my time in corporate America was an expense account which afforded me the opportunity to experience fine dining across the country, cultivating my knowledge of unique food and flavor combinations. This interest in flavor pairings combined with my creative nature and life in the field led to the creation of Sallie’s Greatest,” explains Sallie.

Sallie makes herbal fruit jams from scratch the old-fashioned way. Just hearing the flavor descriptions will make your mouth water. Some of our favorites include Strawberry and Basil; Blueberry Lemon and Thyme; Peach Pepper and Ginger; and Blueberry with Lavender. These tempting toppings will be served with artisan goat cheese and mouth-watering pork tenderloin.

Stop by Saturday, November 12th to meet Sallie and sample her delicious jams. The Hen House is located on 488 Main Street and can be reached by calling (828) 787-2473.