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…on the Verandah’s Musical Fare

..on the Verandah serves up beautiful music with its exquisite dishes.

by Wiley Sloan

…on the Verandah Restaurant is well known for its tantalizing foods. Chef Andrew Figel enjoys learning about the cuisines of other countries so the menu often includes exciting new options in addition to the tried and true.

While waiting for a table, visit the Dugout Bar to hear talented Rebecca White. A native North Carolinian, Rebecca is a classically-trained violinist and vocalist. One summer Rebecca planned to wait tables at Yellowstone Park but when the hotel’s pianist cancelled, Rebecca quickly filled that slot.  She honed her keyboard skills and learned every Frank Sinatra song she could find. That was a truly memorable summer for Rebecca because she met her husband at Yellowstone. At the end of each performance Rebecca plays “Good Night Irene,” the song that she played that summer that caught her husband’s attention.

Stop by on Tuesday or Thursday evening to hear Rebecca as she entertains you on the piano, guitar and the Appalachian fiddle.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights you’ll find musician and songwriter Chad Reed.  For more than twelve years, Chad has been wowing the audiences in the Dugout Lounge. He plays five instruments:  piano, guitar, concertina, harmonica and the Indian flute.

While writing the music and directing at a cabaret theatre on Amelia Island, Chad was recruited to develop the theatre for Bryson City. He was honored by the Eastman Reynolds Foundation when he received a grant to write and perform a story entitled “A Road through the Past” highlighting the lives of three key North Carolinians.

Like Rebecca, Chad is trained in classical music but has expanded his repertoire to include jazz, ragtime, country music and popular show tunes.  He prides himself on being able to play most of the requests that he receives from the audiences at …on the Verandah.    New this year Chad is offering “The Song Writer’s Sing-along.”  “This will be a time I will offer low risk and risqué songs from my knapsack of tunes,” Chad says.  The Sing Along will be Friday and Saturday nights through September 17th. Come to …on the Verandah, Highland’s most scenic dining spot for a memorable dining experience.  Located at 1536 Franklin Road, just a short drive from Main Street Highlands this scenic setting is one you don’t want to miss.  Call (828) 526-2338 for reservations.