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Cover Artist Alison Moody

The digital age of photography has changed the way we see the world. While some still prefer the richness of film, the instant gratification of digital viewing and editing has raised a new age of photographers. Alison McClure Moody is a part of that new age, sharing her perspective of the world through digital eyes.

Ali’s foray into photography began with Christmas 2008, when she received a digital SLR as a Christmas gift from her husband, the gift that became twofold. Alison not only began getting familiar with the camera, her shooting style, lighting and the fine tuning of photography, but she also gained a new confidence to not be afraid to gamble on herself with each photo opportunity. She quickly learned to capture the shot in the moment, because in the blink of an eye, the “perfect shot” is gone.

Ali’s photography education has been hands-on. With each click and flash, she began trying new techniques and immersed herself further into reading and learning about her creative outlet. She chooses to continue learning and honing her talent, rather than becoming complacent with what she already knows. With each shot, Ali thrives on the challenge of critiquing her work, pursuing perfection with every snap of the shutter as her toughest critic.

Cutting her teeth on landscapes and botanicals, Ali is now expanding her reach into moving shots. With two energetic daughters and a son arriving this month, she is looking forward to honing those new skills. Children provide perfect photo-ops, assuming you can catch them.

Ali’s work has been featured locally in art shows and several area publications. Most prominently (not to mention also highly beneficial) is that her photography is very much an integral part of her real estate career. A local REALTOR®, Ali is a member of the White Oak Realty Group team where her talent focuses on providing clients with the best in expertise and cutting-edge technologies, not to mention great photos. Having the eye to see a property at its best while capturing it through the view finder provides a unique perspective rarely seen in real estate photography.

For more information on Ali and her photography, you may reach her at ali@whiteoakrg.com.

by Krysti Rogers