All-Male Beauty Pageant

Audiences are invited to attend the Missed Highlands All-Male Beauty Pageant at 8:00 P.M. Monday, August 26, at the Highlands Playhouse.

It’s a laugh-loaded celebration of, well, not beauty. Maybe courage and unadulterated pluck.

Men from the Highlands community don evening gowns and showcase talents that aren’t normally found in beauty pageants.

It’s all in support of Dr. John Baumrucker’s ongoing mission to Montero, Bolivia. For more than 15 years, Dr. Baumrucker and his wife Joanna have worked to improve medical care, provide a foster home for youngsters from ages four to 18, teach homebuilding and reach out to prisoners who need to hear the word of God, and build a safe, reliable water system.

Since 2005, Dr. John has used his power of persuasion to convince the men of Highlands to put aside their pride “for the good of the mission.”  The pageant is one of the mainstays of the mission’s financial viability.

The beauties will fill the stage of the Highlands Playhouse on Oak Street on August 26.  Come enjoy a glass of wine before the show begins.  Tickets are $100 each (fully tax deductible). Call (828) 526-3605 for ticket information. For tickets or to make a financial contribution, send your donation to Highlands Bolivian Mission, 209 Hospital Drive, Suite 304, Highlands, NC 28741.

By Wiley Sloan


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