A Highlands Halloween

Since 1991 Highlands has been celebrating Halloween in a positive way.  Downtown Trick or Treat sponsored by the Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center provides a night to remember. Whether you have children and grandchildren who are hankering for a shopping bag full of treats or you are “of the vintage variety” who just enjoys watching people, the Highlands’ Halloween celebration is the place for you. This is a night where local merchants, civic groups, even some of the local churches, join together for a fun-filled evening.  Some of our friends delay returning to their winter residence just to enjoy Halloween in Highlands.

Wednesday night, October 31st, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the downtown shopping district of Highlands will be transformed into a scene from a Hollywood movie. You’ll be amazed at the supremely-creative costumes that some of your Highlands neighbors will don.  Shop owners enjoy this special time of year when all of us in the Highlands community gather together to provide a worry-free environment for all of the children to celebrate “Trick or Treat.”  Watching the parade of costumes on Main and Fourth Streets is just as mesmerizing as watching the stars of Hollywood walk the Red Carpet. Children of all sizes are transformed to their favorite character. Lions and tigers, ballerinas and princesses, knights, heroes from recent movies, join age old favorites like Spider-Man, heroes from Star Wars – you name it and you may see it during a Highland’s Halloween. Some of your neighbors get a five star rating for their costumes, too. Witches galore dot the landscape along with political figures, ghouls and goblins. Elvis may return for the evening along with the Great Pumpkin. Our furry companions get into the action too.  You’ll be amazed at the costumes you see.

Stop by the Chamber’s food booth manned by the Highlands Mountain Top Rotary Club to enjoy a hot dog and your favorite beverage. Travel back up the street toward the newly-renovated Town Square to enjoy the music of Mike Murphy. Along the way you’ll have the opportunity to gather a tummy-aching trove of chocolate, caramel and other tooth-decaying goodies.

Growing up in a small town in Tennessee, I fondly remember the Halloween carnival at my grade school.  Various classes worked for days and weeks to see who could create the best Halloween-related environment. The fifth grade’s “House of Horrors” was home to ghosts and goblins replete with creaking doors, witches and goblins. We shrieked as Dracula rose from his coffin in the eerie green light of the swamp.  There was apple bobbing, a sponge toss, popcorn and candy apples and so much more. The whole community came together to create a fun evening for the area youngsters, much like Highlands does today.

by Wiley Sloan




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