d’Bird is d’Word

Every decade or two, Heaven cranks out one extra special human being. Seven decades ago it was Carol Rollick, one of the most enthusiastic and passionate individuals to ever set foot… and heart… on Planet Earth.

Carol, an accomplished fine artist and interior designer, is totally, happily consumed by her art. She says, “I just can’t help myself. Art is my existence. I do it because it is my passion. I have no choice in the matter.”

Today’s economy has made many artists rethink their creative commitment, but Rollick remains unflappable. Her dedication is infectious, so she is asked to address art clubs and guilds to inspire those who are flagging.

When speaking she has a prop, a cat toy called d’bird that she whisks about to dramatize her story. She begins, “I have two cats, Eddie Puss Rex and Jack The Ripper. I play with them every day with this toy.” She swirls the toy in tempting little cat teaser jumps. “Eddie will roll on his back and bat at d’bird, caring very little whether he hits it or not. Jack, on the other hand, launches himself at it, throwing his body over and over again in the air to catch it.”

She continues, “When he pounces on it, he flattens his body, pinning the toy to the ground waiting for the praise he knows I will give him. He purrs in ecstasy while I tell him how good he is, how brave and smart. Then we do it again. Time after time he gives it his all, leaping not so much for the d’bird, but for the praise.”

She says that is the way it is with artists. Some of them try, but not very hard. They never give it their all. Some, like Jack just can’t help themselves. They throw themselves over and over again at their art hoping for the reward, that feeling of accomplishment, the rush of attainment, the joy of having someone appreciate their work, either with praise or financial reward.

She finishes her little tale with, “While we hope to sell, finding it a validation of our work and giving us the resource to do more, we also value praise, just like Jack. We make art because we must, just like Jack will continue to attack d ‘bird. We do it because it is our passion.”

Her words are met with abundant applause, the equivalent of her praise for Jack, ten times over. Knowing she has done her part to keep art alive sustains her, and luckily for us, it feeds her desire to keep creating and encouraging us to do the same.

To see her art first hand, visit the Macon County Art Association Uptown Gallery, 30 East Main Street, Franklin, or visit her website at: www.thebloominggenius.com. d’bird is d’word. Check it out!

by Donna Rhodes

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