Skyline Lodge Welcomes Chef Buzza

Chef Jimmy Buzza and his wife, Lilly

Chef Jimmy Buzza, who’s made a name for himself at his restaurant in the Karling’s Inn in Florida, has opened the exciting Altitudes Restaurant at Skyline Lodge in Highlands.

For lunch and dinner, he’ll be offering some of the favorites from Karling’s Inn with some new choices for the Highlands crowd.

“We always are coming up with new items for the menu,” Chef Jimmy says. “I have a passion for creating new assortments of flavors and enticingly refreshing original appetizers, soups, and entrees, as well as desserts. We plan on creating special menu items weekly.”

Diners can expect to find appetizers like celery cake with chilled beet mousse, plump green cake with a wondrous texture and crunch with slight celery seed and garlic undertones, ruby-colored mousse frozen yogurt on the tongue — cool and creamy with a sweet-tart finish.

For entrees, consider The Florida grouper show-stopper with two jumbo shrimp poised on top of the nice-sized fillet presented in cream sauce studded with roasted red peppers, pine nuts and olives.

There’s the roast duck, a traditional German favorite and a Karling’s signature dish. The ample pool of thick, deeply flavored Montmorency cherry sauce doesn’t hold back with its red wine infusion. The duck skin is crunchy-crisp and the meat underneath retains a rich, succulent flavor.

A large golden, pumpkin-shaped puff pastry bowl cradles the traditional beef stroganoff. Strips of filet mignon are lavishly bathed in sour cream mushroom sauce.

For dessert, the cinnamon-scented apple strudel rises from a tender flaky pastry and the Key lime baked Alaska is a delicious throwback.

“We wanted to offer the Highlands a little taste of Europe and to add a little contrast to the southern cooking emphasis that the South is largely praised for with a German cuisine and dining experience,” Chef Jimmy explains. “Competition is not what it’s about; we have put our hearts and souls into this business and we hope people can experience the genuine mindset and passion we have for our business. Also we hope to introduce an experience that people have not yet tasted in German cuisine and the whole dining experience in general. In the end it’s all about giving the guest something original, produced with the highest of quality produce, and made fresh just for them.”

Altitudes Restaurant opens June 1st and will be open for lunch (something new for Skyline Lodge) from 11:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and for dinner from 4:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  They will also be open for Sunday brunch beginning at 11:30 a.m..

Karlings Altitude Restaurant is located at Skyline Lodge. For more informaiton, give them a call at (828) 526-2121 or visit thm on the web at

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