Fressers Eatery

Chef/Owner Debbie Grossman ensures that there’s always room at Fressers Eatery, especially with a new deck.

Fressers Eatery opened in Highlands Village Square in 1999. It quickly won a loyal following of devoted diners and just as quickly grew out of its space.

Chef/Owner Debbie Grossman relocated her little restaurant to its expansive Helen’s Barn location, and sure enough, the patrons followed.

That’s because no matter where she set up her kitchen, Debbie adhered to a simple philosophy: Meals should be fabulous, fun and funky.

“The food should not only look and taste great, but it should make you feel great, too,” she says. “When you come to Fressers, we want you to think, ‘Wow, that was amazing!’”

Fressers’ atmosphere is casual and family-friendly, yet Debbie ensures that everything that comes out of her kitchen is five-star.  She is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America.

Some of the favorites at Fressers Eatery include Angus burgers, gazpacho, personal pizzas, unforgettable pan-seared trout finished with lemon caper butter, Turkish turkey burgers (fresh ground turkey, dried apricots, red onion and Turkish spices), Greek chicken and a new favorite, tropical salmon topped with Chef Debbie’s award winning roasted tomatillo and mango salsa.

Finally back on the menu, Thursday nights only, it’s fried chicken!  Let’s not forget Fressers amazing brunch menu along with all-day breakfast items, too. Debbie’s knowledge of special diets is encyclopedic and allows her to offer gluten-free, vegan, and low-sodium options.

This season the Fressers Experience is even richer with the introduction of al fresco dining.

Wondering what became of the original Fressers location?

Well, Debbie’s never been one to miss an opportunity. It is now Fressers Express, where all of the production for The Bakery takes place.

Of course catering is always available, at Fressers Eatery or in your home. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

For more information or to place a special order, call (828) 526-4188. Take out is always available.

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