Cyprus, An Exciting Dining Destination

Chef Nick Figel and Cyprus’ tantalizing menu offers a cook’s tour of the world.

The scene remains vibrant, exciting and creative.  Olive, sage and orange-colored walls surround a small copper bar tucked in a corner  with rich red shadows.  Tables appropriately spaced, soft music, intimate lighting-all characteristic of any busy downtown urban restaurant, yet it is here in Highlands.  Cyprus is as popular today as it was when it opened nine years ago. Longtime Highlands’ culinary entrepreneur, Nicholas Figel, continues to entice diners with taste-tempting, traditional, international, peasant-inflected cuisine.

He searches tirelessly for the freshest and most authentic traditional ingredients by day and then actively works the restaurant each evening to ensure the high quality, tantalizing dishes that we have come to expect from Cyprus.  Nick welcomes guests as they arrive while creating the amazing specials in the vibrant open-kitchen.  An award-winning chef with more than 25 years of experience, Nick has trained extensively, including apprenticeships in Milan and Venice.  Supporting Nick and adding their own unique talents to the Cyprus Culinary team are Kelley Barbato and Chris DuPont.  This year’s exciting menu would not be the same without their influence.

There’s no need for you to drive to Atlanta or Charlotte to enjoy cuisines of the world.  Enjoy dishes from Italy, Cambodia, Indonesia and beyond here in Highlands.  Nick Figel incorporates a traditional approach to food as he prepares Capelini Aglio e Olio.   Fresh angel hair pasta made with the same care and techniques as was done in Italy more than 120 years ago is the center of the dish.  Delicately blended with Renieris Estate Olive oil and fresh spices, this appetizer offers a perfect beginning for a memorable meal.

Whether you choose Curried Goat ‘Roti” from Surinam or Anise-Scented Beefsteak from Laos, or Osso Bucco Milanese from Italy, you will find all dishes authentically represent the foods of the region from which they originated.   Whatever you are craving-from ethereal lightness to very rich, there are menu options to please the most discriminating taste buds.  In the mood for a hearty steak or lamb, or maybe a fresh fish or tasty chicken dish?   These are all available here, too.  Cyprus prides itself on offering the freshest fish in the region.

“It takes a little more effort, but I regularly shop the ethnic markets in Atlanta to ensure that we maintain uncompromised quality in each dish that we serve”, Nick states.  “In the kitchen, we go the extra mile to express ideas in food which are sincere, and we remain mindful that our food is a vessel for communication with you,”  Nick continues.

Each evening the Cyprus chefs prepare a menu of regional specialties including Italian, Thai, Mediterranean, French, South American, Pan-Asian and Caribbean food specialties.  The desserts are delicate ranging from lavender ice cream to a spiced chocolate Quetzalcoatl dream.  Enjoy a memorable meal from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. nightly.  Located on Dillard Road, 4/10ths mile from Main Street.  Call (828) 526-4429 or visit for reservations.  The most exciting dining destination in Highlands-Cyprus-see for yourself.

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