Porcelain Jewelry Making

Wearing Porcelain: A Lesson in Porcelain Jewelry Making
Porcelain Jewelry Making
Saturday, January 23rd | 8:00 pm
The Bascom

Instructor: Samantha Oliver Level: All levels Tuition: $40 Member $90 Non-member Tuition includes: 5lbs of porcelain clay, at least 2 firings, 4 hours of instruction Description: In this class students will learn how to sculpt and fashion porcelain into small works of wearable art, from earrings to necklace charms.  We will talk about problem solving techniques that pertain to making small pieces. Students are encouraged to bring sketches and ideas.

 Student Supply List:

1. Kanthal wire: Supplier is Highwater Clays in Asheville supply three gauges of this wire: 15, 21, 22 at .80 cents a foot. I would suggest ordering a couple feet of each gauge. 

DO NOT order Nichrome Wire, this wire only fires to Cone 1.

2. Texture tools and pads are suggested, these can add fun and beautiful accents to your work.

3. Carving and cutting pottery tools (available in studio)

4. Duncan lusters (white gold and yellow gold) are optional. They come in tiny bottles and will run you almost $35. Consider splitting this with a friend if you are interested in using this technique.

Note: earring backings, chains, clasps, leather, and hooks will not be available in the class. These items will be up to you and depend on how you wish to finish your work. We can discuss different options and how to apply these.

Tuition: $90

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