Movies at Highlands Playhouse

Movies will once again open each Friday and run through Tuesday. Showtimes are 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 each day – except Sunday which has no 8:00 showing.
Movies at Highlands Playhouse
Repeats every week every Sunday and every Monday and every Tuesday and every Thursday and every Friday and every Saturday until Sun Dec 31 2017.
Friday, September 8th
Saturday, September 9th
Sunday, September 10th
Monday, September 11th
Tuesday, September 12th
Thursday, September 14th
Friday, September 15th
Saturday, September 16th
Sunday, September 17th
Monday, September 18th
Tuesday, September 19th
Thursday, September 21st
Friday, September 22nd
Saturday, September 23rd
Sunday, September 24th
Monday, September 25th
Tuesday, September 26th
Thursday, September 28th
Friday, September 29th
Saturday, September 30th
Sunday, October 1st
Monday, October 2nd
Tuesday, October 3rd
Thursday, October 5th
Friday, October 6th
Saturday, October 7th
Sunday, October 8th
Monday, October 9th
Tuesday, October 10th
Thursday, October 12th
Friday, October 13th
Saturday, October 14th
Sunday, October 15th
Monday, October 16th
Tuesday, October 17th
Thursday, October 19th
Friday, October 20th
Saturday, October 21st
Sunday, October 22nd
Monday, October 23rd
Tuesday, October 24th
Thursday, October 26th
Friday, October 27th
Saturday, October 28th
Sunday, October 29th
Monday, October 30th
Tuesday, October 31st
Thursday, November 2nd
Friday, November 3rd
Saturday, November 4th
Sunday, November 5th
Monday, November 6th
Tuesday, November 7th
Thursday, November 9th
Friday, November 10th
Saturday, November 11th
Sunday, November 12th
Monday, November 13th
Tuesday, November 14th
Thursday, November 16th
Friday, November 17th
Saturday, November 18th
Sunday, November 19th
Monday, November 20th
Tuesday, November 21st
Thursday, November 23rd
Friday, November 24th
Saturday, November 25th
Sunday, November 26th
Monday, November 27th
Tuesday, November 28th
Thursday, November 30th
Friday, December 1st
Saturday, December 2nd
Sunday, December 3rd
Monday, December 4th
Tuesday, December 5th
Thursday, December 7th
Friday, December 8th
Saturday, December 9th
Sunday, December 10th
Monday, December 11th
Tuesday, December 12th
Thursday, December 14th
Friday, December 15th
Saturday, December 16th
Sunday, December 17th
Monday, December 18th
Tuesday, December 19th
Thursday, December 21st
Friday, December 22nd
Saturday, December 23rd
Sunday, December 24th
Monday, December 25th
Tuesday, December 26th
Thursday, December 28th
Friday, December 29th
Saturday, December 30th
Sunday, December 31st
Highlands Playhouse

Beginning September 8, we will be returning to our normal movie schedule.  Movies will once again open each Friday and run through Tuesday.  Showtimes are 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 each day – except Sunday which has no 8:00 showing.  And don’t forget that Two Dollar Off Tuesdays return in November!

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