Lunch for Literacy

The Literacy Council of Cashiers is offering a delicious way to help it meet its goals – Lunch for Literacy, set for Friday, July 7.
Lunch for Literacy
Friday, July 7th
Cashiers North Carolina

Local restaurants have banded together for a delicious way to support the Literacy Council of Cashiers. 

Lunch for Literacy, slated for Friday, July 7, is a marvelous way for everyone in the community to enjoy a great meal and benefit the 30 percent of Jackson County residents who live within the lowest levels of reading and math literacy.

The event is sponsored by The Orchard and The Cork & Barrel Lounge. Participating restaurants will split their proceeds between the house and the Literacy Council. 

To support the Literacy Council in this tastiest way possible, visit El Manzanillo, Randevu, Subway, and On the Side Barbecue at The Farmers Market. 

If you’d like to volunteer for the Literacy Council, call (828) 508-9384.

  |  (828) 508-9384