Hospice House Foundation of WNC Gala

Join us at Canyon Kitchen in Cashiers for dinner, auction, Tyler Kittle Quartet, and guest speaker - Hattie Bryant (Hattie is co-producer of the TV series, Small Business School, and author of, I'll Have It My Way - Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions)
Hospice House Foundation of WNC Gala
Wednesday, May 10th | 6:30 pm
Canyon Kitchen

Award-winning Canyon Kitchen will be the venue for a fundraiser for Hospice House Foundation of WNC on Wednesday, May 10.  Not only is this a most worthy cause, but it’s guaranteed to be an evening of fun and shared experience, along with exquisite dining.

A highlight of the evening will be guest speaker, Hattie Bryant. Bryant is a healthcare consumer advocate and is author of the book, I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions. Hailing from New Orleans, Hattie made her living as an adult educator. She later taught management, sales, and customer service in the classrooms of hundreds of small businesses and from the convention platform. She had the privilege of presenting seminars in 47 states and produced teaching materials for customers like ABC-TV, Chase-JP Morgan, IBM, Microsoft, Qwest, and Verizon. Her seminars and continuing-education curriculum development have been in business schools throughout the world.

Most recently she studied at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Gerontology. How did she become an advocate for end-of-life choices? In 1990 her mother suffered a severe stroke and lost all cognition. It was then she realized she could not depend on others to make decisions about what she might want done if she could no longer speak for herself.

Hattie’s book is a tool for people to minimize, if not avoid entirely, the pain, suffering, confusion, and disagreements that can arise when end-of-life decisions are not spelled out clearly.  Her book encourages you to begin this process now, whether perfectly healthy or facing  a serious illness. Each event guest will receive a copy of Hattie’s book  and she’ll open the floor to questions and answers. Bryant is a compelling and heartfelt speaker who has earned standing ovations over and over again. Her message is relevant and her energy is contagious.

Canyon Kitchen, located in Cashiers at Lonesome Valley, has become widely known for its open-air dining and extraordinary food. Chef Adam Hayes has won numerous awards over his nearly twenty years of experience.

Ticket price = $175/person with proceeds benefiting Hospice House Foundation of WNC.  For more information and sponsorship opportunities, visit www.hhfwnc.org.


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