When Magic Starts to Happen

Adam Pletzke believes so deeply that Nature and healing go hand-in-hand that his life work focuses on physical and visual tools to re-connect us to the earth.  Through his healing touch of massage and his iconic photographic imagery of Nature, he’s able to undo the stress we store in our muscles and minds.

When you walk into his massage studio it’s like stepping into an art experience.  Images of rippling water, sparkling reflections, leaves of stunning color and texture, and jaw-droppingly beautiful scenes of waterfalls, barns, and more surround you.  The photos are a kind of preshow to relax you before you even enter the massage room. 

“I have been interested in photography since I was a kid,” says Adam.  “My dad gave me a Kodak 5-megapixel camera early on.  That camera, by today’s standards is low res, but it’s still one of my favorite tools for capturing the soul and essence of a thing.”

Some photographers go to a scenic spot and start shooting instantly.  Adam takes off his shoes, dips his toes in an icy stream, and becomes one with his surroundings.  As the sun darts in and out of shifting clouds, the magic starts to happen.  That’s when light and beauty work in harmony with the artist and the shutter begins to snap. 

“If you are a Nature-lover like me it feels right to physically be a part of it before you try to capture it,” he says. 

To expand his photographic repertoire, Adam began experimenting with oil pastels on black-and-white copies of photos. He used color to emphasize aspects of a scene he found interesting.  The technique was so successful he won the Director’s Choice Award at the Ponce De Leon Festival in Atlanta … a happy surprise as he didn’t even know his work was being juried.

To learn more about Adam’s work go to imagine107.com for photos and www.CashiersSpa.com for massage therapy.  His studio is at 224 Highway 107 South in Cashiers. You can also call him at (828) 553-6300 or email imagine107adampletzke@gmail.com.