National Eat Outside Day

Smell the roasting meat sizzling on the spit.  Root vegetables lie steaming in the coals while hardwood embers crackle and pop, sending tiny fireworks rocketing
left and right.   

The tantalizing aroma of garlic, leeks, savory herbs, and sizzling fats waft through the air.  Sights, smells, and sounds of an outdoor feast swirl together in a late summer symphony of the senses. Salivating yet? 

This scenario could just as easily have been enjoyed 10,000 years ago when cooking outside was the only viable option.  With the invention of chimneys, stoves, and interior kitchens, food preparation became an indoor activity, making today’s fire pit feasts a welcome event rather than a daily routine. 

To honor outdoor feasting, National Eat Outside Day, was set aside for August 31. There is no record of who formalized the date, no declaration by any government official(s).  But rest assured, the creator is out there somewhere, throwing a checkered cloth on a park picnic table and chowing down on a charcoaled yummy. 

Take his or her lead and stack up your own hickory boughs, splash them with an environmentally safe starter, and light up the grill while you light up your tastebuds.  Then throw on a burger, salmon filet, wiener, chicken quarter, carrot dog, or veggie patty.  And don’t forget the corn, zucchini, peppers, portabellas, avocados, eggplant, and asparagus.  When appetites are sated, bring on the cook-out piece de resistance: s’mores.  Better yet, churn some homemade ice cream.  Pardon me while I strap on the drool bucket. 

Get ready for five-star reviews as you say good-bye to August and summer and welcome the beautiful fall.