My First & Deepest Love

Z. Alexander

Is it nature or nurture or just plain luck that shapes a person’s destiny? 

For Z. Alexander it is a marvelous conspiracy of all.  His mother, Susan, a visual artist, and father, Zorki, a musician, immersed him in the performing and visual arts early on.  At three he was already holding audiences captive.  

Now, at the ripe old age of 17 (just turned), he is a professional singer/songwriter, about to release his first single with an album to follow.  And you can bet he will be designing his own album cover too.

Coming from such a talented family, did he ever feel coerced into show biz? 

“Absolutely not,” he replied.  He soaked up every lesson, suggestion, and piece of advice his parents had to offer while keeping a steady heading toward his own star.  He added, “When I was very young I picked up my dad’s guitar and strummed it.  It was a magical moment.  I instantly fell in love. And while I do well in school and look forward to college, playing music is my first and deepest love.”

He’s been active on the Highlands/Cashiers music scene this summer, performing at Main Street Inn, 6:00-8:00 P.M., Friday and Saturday.  Other gigs intersperse these scheduled ones, so be on the lookout for one of his performances.

It’s hard to box Z into one genre.  He has a smooth, mellow voice (think a blend of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer), which he can bend into multiple styles – ballads, rock, pop, you name it. In addition to singing, he writes poetry and song lyrics.  He is an accomplished guitarist.  And to broaden his instrumental repertoire he’s studying piano.  He’s covering all the bases and getting his name out there to build a fan base.

Follow him on YouTube and Instagram.  Just enter Z. Alexander when searching either one.  Call him for bookings at (828) 787-1958, or text him at (828) 342-9579.  You can also email him at