The Love of Learning | Highlands, NC

While things are a bit slow and peaceful on the mountain at this time of year, exciting things are being planned and put into place at the Center for Life Enrichment. 

2017 marks 25 years for the Center for Life Enrichment, an organization now fondly known throughout the community simply as CLE. From its inception in a local beauty shop with the idea of offering a few educational programs to share with those who had the mutual interest of constantly learning something new, to the now-booming organization with 500 plus members, an 18-member board of directors and 100 lectures and classes on a wide variety of topics, CLE has grown leaps and bounds over the past 25 years. 

The 2017 season launches in April with Nigel Sixsmith, our expert in the Apple world, bringing updated and ever-changing information regarding iPhones, iPads and all things Apple. We kick into full swing in May as Niall Michelsen of Western Carolina University’s Political Science Department covers two high profile world leaders in lectures on Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, and another on U.S. President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, and more Apple classes with Nigel.

Jump in to a jam-packed June with a history lecture on the struggle North Carolina faced after the Civil War. Learn about the covert actions of the CIA from Ira Cooperman, a former intelligence officer who has worked with the CIA, NSA and the military, and served as a political consultant. Wine and Dine at The Library in Cashiers with Johannes Klapdohr. Discover the role of the Supreme Court, build your own garden trough, hear some virtually unknown stories about Winston Churchill, and analyze the Carter Presidency and much more. 

The season only gets better in the following months as the Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music series begins, we have an update on Syria, bridge, more Apple classes, art courses, delicious cooking experiences, a day trip to a local brewery, a fantastic excursion to Sonoma’s wine country and so much more. 

Please join us as we celebrate 25 years of extending the love of learning in our area and community. For information on CLE, becoming a member, or any of the classes, lectures and trips offered, please call (828) 526-8811 or visit