Fireworks Extravaganza

The Village Green is offering this summer’s colossal fireworks display for the Cashiers area community in cooperation with the Greater Cashiers Merchants Association to create a spectacular evening of entertainment for residents and visitors to enjoy as part of the Independence Day celebration.

 The Fireworks Extravaganza On the Green will begin at 6:30 P.M. Tuesday, July 4, at The Village Green Commons on Frank Allen Road.  The festivities include a live concert by Continental Divide, a band featuring kicking horns and smooth vocals that will have people dancing on the lawn.  The crowning moment of the night will be the magnificent fireworks show. 

“Come to The Village Green and watch the rockets’ red glare, and every other color in the rainbow,” said Ann Self, Executive Director.  “The show has more than 1,000 colorful salutes, crowns, and brilliant bursts to light up the mountain night sky.”

Admission is free, however donations to a community fireworks fund will be collected at popular parking locations and at The Village Green to help with the cost of the event.  Many small towns have been forced to eliminate fireworks because of the expense of putting on a pyrotechnic display. 

“The Village Green thinks it’s important to celebrate America’s birthday with a fireworks show for the community –  it’s an important tradition,” states Joe Thompson, Chairman of The Village Green Board of Directors.

The Village Green is a 12.5-acre park that was created to preserve the legacy of the bucolic mountain lifestyle.  The Village Green is the beautiful, “green heart” for public use but relies on private funding to provide this exceptional venue for everyone to enjoy.  

“Events like the fireworks extravaganza would not be possible without the generous support of our donors,” Self pointed out.  For more information about The Village Green, visit