Cashiers Celestial Celebration

The Cashiers area will be a prime viewing location on August 21, for one of nature’s most wondrous spectacles, a total solar eclipse. 

 Residents and visitors to the area will witness a scene of unimaginable beauty as the moon completely blocks the sun turning daytime into a darkened night sky. 

“It’s an experience not to miss,” said Ann Self, Executive Director of The Village Green, “People who travel the world to view a solar eclipse have used words like ‘breathtaking’ and ‘life-changing’ to describe what you’ll see.”

A solar eclipse is a rare celestial event with the earth, moon and sun lined up perfectly. The last total solar eclipse in the 48 contiguous states of the United States was in February of 1979, and the last time this event happened in our area was 1834.  While the sun is larger than the moon, the moon is closer to earth making the disks appear nearly the same in size.  This unique fact allows the Sun to be completely covered during the eclipse but also allows us to see the Sun’s atmosphere, known as its corona.  The corona is hidden from us all our lives except for the very special moments during a total solar eclipse.  Cashiers is not only in the path of totality, but is among the eclipse locations with the longest viewing durations at two minutes and 33 seconds.  With a clear day, viewers will also be able to see a starry night sky beginning early in the afternoon.

The Village Green is sponsoring Eclipse Festival 2017, a large public viewing event in Cashiers.  Subject matter experts will be on site to help educate the public about what they will see during the course of that Monday afternoon as well as how to safely view the eclipse.  The Albert Carlton-Cashiers Community Library will have their solar scope and telescope available to enhance the experience.  Viewing glasses will be available for sale at a minimal cost at Zoller’s Hardware, Cashiers Area Chamber of Commerce, and The Village Green.

Eclipse Festival 2017 will celebrate this historic event with a concert with music by Coconut Groove.  Commemorative t-shirts and mugs will be available for sale, and local vendors will sell delicious food and beverages.  For more information visit or