Being Ernest

The story of one handsome, blue-eyed cat named Ernest shows how animal welfare organizations work together to save lives. 

How he became a stray is unknown, but Ernest joined a colony of cats in Jackson County that was being trapped, neutered and fed by a caretaker who noticed that he was injured. Ernest was taken to the Jackson County Animal Shelter where they called the Catman2 staff for assistance. These compassionate folks agreed to take the sweet handsome cat to their veterinarian. Despite the fact that Ernest tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus, his wound was treated, and he was cared for at the Catman2 shelter for a couple of months, with numerous visits to the vet, before his wound finally healed. Sadly, he once again tested positive for the highly infectious FeLV, practically eliminating his chances for adoption. 

But all was not lost for Ernest. Our Friends for Life Forever Farm, in neighboring Transylvania County, has a special facility that houses cats with Feline Leukemia. Fortunately, when we were contacted by Catman2, we had room in that facility for one more cat.  State regulations allow for us to house only 12 cats per room, and lucky for Ernest there was a vacancy.        

So, as they say, “It takes a village,” or in this case an extended animal welfare community, to save a special life. We work regularly with Catman2, helping with their special needs cats, and in return they help us with younger adoptable cats and kittens who somehow end up at our sanctuary for seniors. 

Please support organizations like Catman2, Inc ( and Friends for Life ( who work together to expand their efforts in helping animals in need. 

For information call 828-508-2460.