Annual Spring Cleaning

April showers bring May flowers, and here on the Plateau April also brings Highlanders together doing the serious work of spring cleaning in anticipation of our coming summer season. More daylight hours, budding flowers, and that wonderful feeling of spring in the air makes us all want to shake off the gray of winter and do our part sprucing up the community.
You’ll know that spring cleaning has hit its crescendo when the annual Plateau Pickup Day arrives on Saturday, April 22, and you spot volunteers in bright orange vests picking up litter by the roadside.
This community undertaking, sponsored by the Highlands Chamber of Commerce, bears no resemblance to the usual grumbling, grimacing “got to get this spring cleaning done” frame of mind. Instead, it brings smiling faces of all ages out for a day of community service cleaning litter from the Gorge Road between Highlands and Franklin, the streets within town, and Highway 106.
This year Plateau Pickup Day falls on Earth Day, so it’s an especially meaningful way for everyone to celebrate and serve on a local level. Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to come out to make this annual event another rousing success.
Volunteers will be rewarded with a well-deserved hot dog cookout at nearby Cliffside Lake. What better way to end a morning of hard work than to relax by a cool mountain lake?
To participate, meet at the Highlands Visitor Center at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 22. Call Jennifer at the Highlands Chamber of Commerce at (828) 526-2112 to sign up to volunteer. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and the chamber will provide the supplies needed for the task − vests, gloves, litter pick up tools,
and garbage bags.