And all that Jazz

Tyler Kittle, jazz musician and improviser extraordinaire, understands that a musician can’t rely solely on exceptional talent.  He/she must be a showman, an interpreter (for those who don’t speak jazz), a talent scout, an events planner, a booking agent, a networking specialist, an instrument repairman, an aficionado of many musical genres (that versatility factor), a publicist, and so much more.  

And we thought all a musician had to do was show up and play.

When Tyler isn’t performing he’s teaching flute, sax, and clarinet either privately or at a local alternative school.  Some evenings, in-between piano sets (yes, he’s also an accomplished pianist), he hosts open mike night at The Cut Cocktail Bar in Sylva.  Every Thursday he performs at Innovation Brewing in Sylva.  

Fridays he’s a regular at Sylva’s Guadalupe where World Music meets the mountains. Charts include everything from French to Folk to Finnish.  He can also crank up the volume with an African beat, or cool things down with a sultry Salsa.  Few instrumentalists can switch back and forth from Classical to Folk to Jazz with such effortlessness.

It’s no surprise that a musician of his caliber has played with some of the world’s best, among them Erykah Badu, award-winning American singer-songwriter; Freddie Bryant international jazz guitarist; Russ Spiegel, internationally-acclaimed recording artist; and Michael Lowenstern, world-renowned bass clarinetist.  When the big boys come to town, they respect and accept a Tyler Kittle invitation to jam. 

Tyler is on a mission to open the door to Jazz and World Music for the sophisticated Highlands/Cashiers audiences.  Find out when and how this multi-faceted musician can make your event truly world-class.  Visit his Facebook page or email him at:, (828) 577-8442.